Empower companies and leaders to connect with employees and customers through creative, memorable marketing communications strategies, and enable individuals to be their most authentic self.

Employee Communications

Understand and retain employees with the right types of messages, distribution channels, and cadence for ensuring educated, engaged personnel. Find creative ways to connect. Enhance culture so it is about the mission of the company, the work you are doing and how everyone contributes to the greater good and has a role in the collective success.

Leadership Presence

Leverage Blank Canvas Communications as a trusted counterpart to enhance your leadership and people-manager skills and make you a better communicator. Learn to position messages based on audiences and create two-way listening systems to learn and improve your communications tactics with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Customer Engagement

In this digital, everything-as-a-service age we live in, business has lost the human touch. Learn how to have a genuine connection with your customers and create programs to surprise and delight them.

Mentoring & Coaching

I want to help those seeking guidance on their career journey, who are seeking to strike the balance between work and life, and growing their work and personal life. Here are a few of the ways I want to connect and support your career growth.

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Engage employees. Delight customers.
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