Better understand and retain employees so you know the right types of messages, distribution channels, and cadence for ensuring educated, engaged personnel. Find creative ways to connect with each other. Enhance your culture so it is about the mission of the company, the work you are doing and how everyone contributes to the greater good and has a role in the collective success.

Employee Engagement Planning

Architect a plan that ensures you meet the needs of your employees with clear, concise communications that are relevant, relatable and predictable.

Team Culture, Celebration, and Inclusion

Build people-focused programs and initiatives that support an inclusive, engaging environment for employees. Celebrate employee, team, and company successes.

Change Management Communications

Effectively manage change with planning and messaging expertise for organizational-change and people-focused change initiatives.

Internal Mantra / Brand / Identity

Foster cohesion within your team with an annual mantra that connects employees to your annual business goals, values, and operating principles.

Content Development

Get creative help writing, editing and designing messaging, positioning documents, sales and discussion guides, Web site content, social media posts, and collateral used to educate key audiences.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Use impactful communications to connect with potential employees and evangelize why they want to work for you. Then create effective onboarding collateral to facilitate a successful start.

Communications Vehicles

Reach employees through multiple channels and distribution methods, such as town halls, webcasts, newsletters, team portal, monthly video blog, email, executive visits, and more.

Make a Statement

Identify what drives your company culture, character, and storyline. Articulate and evangelize the mission, vision, values and principles, and what differentiates you and your team from the competition.

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