Transparency. Connection.
Employee Retention. Authentic Culture.

Blank Canvas Communications enables you to focus on what you do best - building and growing your business. BCC comes in to think about the human elements of your business - culture, employee satisfaction and growth, and connecting with customers.

BCC will facilitate listening, building and implementing a communications program that best supports the needs of you, your team, your clients, and the company.


BCC is your partner and advocate and wants to understand the challenges and goals for you and your organization. I will listen, observe, research, and do the work necessary to assess the problems you want to solve.


A custom plan and strategy designed to meet your goals and bring your vision to life. Obtain an end-to-end program that includes target audiences, messaging needs, communications vehicles/tools for distribution, creative elements, and timing.


This will include building the tools and distribution vehicles (website, email, all-hands meetings, portals, social media channels, etc.), creating messaging, and how to execute on a time table that has a well-connected, predictable cadence of engagement.

Take the next step...

Build culture. Be authentic.
Engage employees. Delight customers.
Get a blank canvas. Create your vision.