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My name is Angie Wean and I’d love to personally welcome you to Blank Canvas Communications. I created this company from my passion for helping others through the art of communications. After a fulfilling career at Microsoft, where I specialized in executive and employee communications, I realized this was a service I wanted to offer to multiple clients, vs. just one team. I believe thoughtful, engaging, and predictable communications in the workplace can lead to employee retention, increased collaboration, and alignment on the mission and strategy of the company.

I specialize in understanding human behavior and what fosters connection and loyalty. I just get people – call it a sixth sense if you will. And what I love to do is take a blank canvas and help you create the ideal communications plan that helps leaders be more effective and impactful, and employees be more bought-in and engaged.

In my life, I do abstract painting as a creative outlet, using canvas and colors to express who I am. A finished piece communicates life’s experiences that I have felt and embraced – both the challenges and the celebrations.

My intent is to give companies and individuals the chance to stand in front of their own blank canvas and create the story they want to tell. This might be a story of your own self-discovery, to help define yourself as a leader, or to share your companies vision and strategy to your most important stakeholders. No matter the medium you must work with, I will guide you as you create the story you want to share.

There is a very soft place in my heart for those who are growing in their careers. I want to help mentor and coach people that might be looking for guidance and career direction. If you are seeking guidance on finding your most authentic, centered self and want direction and accountability on building your career and growing as a person, then please be sure to reach out and I will see what I can do to help.

~ Angie Wean ~
Chief Canvas Creator

Our Story

That's What He Said...

"Angie is a fantastic person to have on your team. Her "people" experience brings a much-needed quality to software companies (or, actually, any company). Her management skills, team-building expertise, and ability to remain calm during a crisis made her a great team manager; her ability to make you feel at ease, to recognize people's strengths (and weaknesses), and her compassion makes her a great coworker. She is able to establish extremely good rapport with a variety of teams and individuals, and is an asset at any company. If I could pick my "dream team," Angie would definitely be at the top of the list. I absolutely recommend Angie and would work with her again." - Shad Bolling, former teammate

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